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Our services

We us a network of credit trained private investigators that are able to meet face to face with debtors. This enables us to collect twice the debt our competitors collect and recover our clients money faster.

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In Person Collections

Knocking on their door and asking for the money lets debtors know we can reach out and touch them anywhere in the country. They can’t hide behind their phone. The psychological effect this has almost always generates a payment.

Background Investigation

This means developing an understanding of the debtor – the business itself, the ownership, and its employees. We seek to determine how large they are, how long they have been in business, and how the business is performing. We will also investigate the background of owners, managers and employees as appropriate. The debt collector uses this information to develop a strategy and in negotiations with the debtor.

Skip tracing

Sometimes companies just seem to disappear. We do extensive research to either confirm they are no longer operating or to find them at a new location, operating under different names or with different contact information. We also track down owners, either because they have personal liability for the business debt or to confirm the business is closed. Our research techniques may include finding and contacting relatives, neighbors and landlords as well as simply finding working phone numbers and home addresses for the person of interest.

Credit Analysis

The majority of debt collection claims result from the debtor having financial problems. We seek to understand the owner’s personal financial situation as well as the company’s financial position to help us with developing a negotiating strategy and a successful result.

Settlement Agreements

On occasion there are disputes where the other party has some damage claim against our client. The end result may be that our client agrees to accept less than the full balance owed as part of settling the dispute. In other situations, a debtor may be delinquent with a significant number of vendors and only have a limited amount of funds available to satisfy old debts. While a long-term payment plan may get a full recovery, there is risk that the debtor goes out of business before satisfying the obligation in full. In this situation, it may be preferable to negotiate a settlement agreement where the debtor gets a discount but pays the full discounted amount immediately. Clients must approve in writing any settlement agreement.

Collection Litigation

If we cannot resolve the matter on a voluntary basis, we have a nationwide network of debt collection attorneys who work on a contingency basis. We only recommend suit if we believe there is an extremely high likelihood of getting a substantial return on investment. All litigation must be improved in writing by clients. More information is available in our debt collection litigation video.

How can we help you

Williams and burns inc specializes in business to business debt and in some case consumer to business accounts. We are set up to handle fortune 500 companies as well as the small business person who may only have one account per year.

For our larger clients corporate accounts you can count on state of the art reports that will allow a credit manager, controller or cfo to answer any questions in your meetings without hesitation. We realize how hard you have worked to attain your respected professional positions and our state of the art reports will have you prepared for meetings and to answer any questions at any time.


Now for our clients that may only have one account a year. You have found a home here. We were a small business once too nothing pleases us more when we get a call from clients that says our collection made an impact for their business. It’s our way of giving back.

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