Fraud Collections

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Have you paid someone that said they could cancel your timeshare but did not?

 We have recovered several millions of dollars for our clients. We have a system that absolutely works nearly 100% of the time.

Most clients begin to get their money back in less than 30 days.

We have recovered more than four million dollars in the past three years for our clients.  


Williams & Burns Inc has a system that absolutely works. 


85 percent of our clients receive money back in the first 30 days.

You have rights as a senior citizen and there are laws that protect you that the credit card companies will never enlighten you!

As a matter of fact more than 85 percent of our clients receive money back in the first 30 days.

How does it work?

Step One

If you paid a company that said they had a buyer for your timeshare by credit card we will contact your credit card company and order seven years of back statements. Upon receiving the statements a research specialist will go through the statements line by line identifying fraud. The fraud then gets turned over to a collection specialist who then contacts the fraud department at the credit card company and begins the process of having all the charges permanently removed. We know the law and the fraud must be filed a particular way to guarantee permanent removal. Do not attempt this on your own.

Step Two

We than attempt to collect money paid to fraudulent companies by wire transfer, check, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. Although this process is more timely it is effective. There are ways to file fraud complaints with your bank to recover wire transfers and check by phone (ACH payment). We know the law. Do not attempt this on your own. In addition, Western Union and MoneyGram have consumer restitution funds set up for fraud. We will file for consumer restitution money on your behalf.

Step Three

Federal and State government agencies are aware of timeshare resale fraud and have sued both criminally and civilly. We will file on your behalf with the FTC and Attorney Generals. If you have paid a company that has been prosecuted for timeshare fraud and the government has confiscated their money you may receive a check. If you Google FTC Timeshare Refunds you can see for yourself.

Williams & Burns will aggressively seek to recover money paid to fraudsters. In the past five years Williams & Burns Inc and its affiliates has recovered more than four million dollars for our clients using the above measures. There is hope for you. Williams & Burns is not a law enforcement agency but have cooperated with law enforcement conducting criminal investigations. We think its great that fraudsters get locked up, but that does not get your money back or help you pay your bills. We are in it for the money and the more money we get you the more money we make.