Timeshare Exit

Our largest division.

Timeshares can be a great experience for people who like to travel. They offer five-star properties. They offer multiple bedrooms with full kitchens. They allow flexibility and allow owners to vacation to multiple properties. Unfortunately, when an owner cannot use the property anymore there is no help. Most of our clients cannot travel any longer due to age, health or financial circumstances. The timeshare companies insist on owners to pay enormous annual maintenance fees whether you use the property or not. In addition, these maintenance fees increase every year. We will have your timeshare contract cancelled in 12 months guaranteed. Our legal department with bar certified Attorney’s guarantees to cancel your timeshare contract in 12 months. We will cancel loans financing the timeshare through the resort. You will no longer have to make loan payments or pay enormous maintains fees. In some cases, we can recover past maintenance fees paid. 

In some cases, we can recover down payments. 

Because owners receive a deed and title this will prevent the timeshare from being passed down to children. Some of our clients thought they were out of their timeshare because they paid a company to cancel and they have stopped receiving maintenance fees. 

Keep in mind the resorts stop mailing fees after two years of non payment. 

If you paid a company to cancel your timeshare contract it doesn’t cost, you anything to have us check. 
If we find that you have been a victim of timeshare fraud, we will get that money back and get you out of your timeshare. 


We found that our clients had paid $15,000 or more to companies that say they can get them out of their timeshare.



You have rights as a senior citizen and there are laws that protect you that the credit card companies will never enlighten you!

Williams & Burns Inc has a system that absolutely works. 


85 percent of our clients receive money back in the first 30 days.

No more calls…
No more worries…
Let us help.

Our legal team will guarantee in writing the cancellation of your timeshare contract in 12 months from the day that you sign up.